Kyoto Tango

Kyoto Tango Bracelet Peace

Kr 925

Supplier: Kyoto Tango
Designer: Ann Sophie von Bülow
Material: Varnished resin
Dimensions: Elastic one size / D 8cm
Colour: Yellow, turquoise, green, pink, nude

The Applause bracelet from Kyoto Tango is an elastic, chunky bracelet in an artistic and modern design. Wear several together for a stronger expression, or let a single bracelet spice up the outfit. The bracelet is made of resin and is hand-lacquered according to the Japanese tradition in Denmark.

Kyoto Tango

Kyoto Tango was started by Ann Sophie von Bülow in 2016. The bracelets are inspired by Japanese lacquer techniques and the meeting between tradition and modern design. Kyoto Tango manufactures its bracelets in Denmark.