Kitchen towel Valknute Grey

Kr 300

Soft kitchen towel in 100% cotton, designed by Pia Bjørnstad and woven at Vevstua in Norway.

A "Valknute" is an elaborate braided knot that is difficult to untie. It is also called the love knot and was used in courtships. If the knot was pulled together, the answer was "yes", if it was pulled apart, the answer was "no".

Vevstua was established in 1983. In the early days, it was hand production combined with home improvement sales. In 1997, investment was made in industrial equipment. Quality has always been paramount, and only the best natural ingredients are used; wool, linen and cotton.

Vevstua currently produces runners and tablecloths in linen/cotton, bunad shawls and oblong shawls in wool. The products can today be found in most home improvement stores throughout the country, as well as on Svalbard.

  • Design:Pia Bjørnstad
  • Material:100% cotton
  • Dimensions:50x75cm
  • Color:Grey