Kay Bojesen

Kay Bojesen Elephant Mini Jubilee Mix Wood

Kr 1.600

Kay Bojesen's little elephant was born in 1953 into the family with the imaginative wooden toys that appeal equally to both adults and children. An object that fits just as well in the living room as in the children's room.

In 2023, Kay Bojesen's iconic and beloved elephant celebrates its 70th anniversary. The occasion is celebrated with an Elefant Reworked - a special edition made from a wonderful mix of different types of wood, such as teak, walnut, oak, ash and maple - all from surplus and leftover wood. With a focus on recycling and minimizing waste, Elefant Reworked has a new, modern and sustainable dimension, so that it not only acknowledges the past, but also the future.

With respect to the environment, the reworked elephant is made from scraps, which means that each elephant will look different depending on what types of wood are left over on the day they are produced.

Elefant Reworked mini is 9cm tall, has a 70th anniversary stamp under one foot and comes in a special wooden anniversary box. Limited edition.

Silversmith and designer Kay Bojesen is famous for his moving and moody wooden figures. He had a unique talent for bringing life to wood and he has designed more than 2000 objects. He is best known for his playful monkeys and other wooden toys, but has also designed cutlery, jugs and jewellery.

  • Design:Kay Bojesen
  • Material:Teak, walnut, oak, ash and maple - everything from surplus and scraps from wood
  • Dimensions:H:9 x W:12 x D:7.5 cm

Dust off with a dry cloth. Should not be in direct sunlight.