Kathrine Lindman

Kathrine Lindman Seashell Earrings Hanging Silver/White

Kr 1.200
Designer: Kathrine Lindman
Materials: 925 sterling silver and enamel
Dimensions: L25mm
Color: White
Maintenance: For tips on maintenance, see here

Elegant enamel earrings in a lovely white tone from Norwegian Kathrine Lindman inspired by the aesthetics of the sea.

Catherine Lindman

Kathrine Lindman is a trained jewelery artist from the School of Arts and Crafts in Oslo. She began her career by supplying jewelery to Expo Arte Smikkedesign, and since 1996 she has run her own company. Among other things, her work has been purchased by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an official gift to Michelle Obama when Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Lindman has also collaborated with fashion designer Nina Skarra during New York Fashion Week 2012. Her jewelery is based on elements from nature, and she works a lot with shapes and colors in various variations. Her signature series "Seashell" in silver and enamel has been very successful in several countries