Kaja Gjedebo

Kaja Gjedebo Glittertind Ring Silver/Alexandrite

Kr 5.450

Supplier: Kaja Gjedebo
Material: 925 Silver, Alexandrite
Dimensions: Height: 2.3 cm, Width (at top of ring): 1.5 cm
Maintenance: For maintenance tips, see here

Glittertind ring is inspired by the Norwegian mountain home, with a small dose of origami. It is comfortable to wear and has an exclusive and modern look.

Glitter tind ring is an exclusive ring with rare and color-changing alexandrite stones, known as "emerald by day, ruby ​​by night" because of the changes from green to purple and red depending on artificial or natural light.

Kaja Gjedebo

Kaja Gjedebo studied both jewelery and furniture design at Edinburgh College of Art. This divergence of skill is evident in the wide range of designs by KGD. Kaja is not guided by trends, but rather by her personal interests. The result is elegant and timeless jewelery that combines natural forms with delicate construction.