Birds by Toikka Tiur

Kr 6.000

Toikka's Tiur is a beautiful bird in dark jewel tones, golden body and green wings.

Oiva Toikka is one of the most famous in Finnish design and in 1972 he started work on "Birds By Toikka" for Iittala. A flock of birds that has grown every year Toikka has together shaped over 400 hundred birds over forty years. The collection combines a rich understanding of the glassblower's techniques and traditions. All the birds are handmade and each bird is therefore completely unique. A favorite for many glass collectors and they fit nicely as a colorful sculpture in the office or at home.

Iittala started in 1881 as a glass factory in the town of Iittala in Finland. Iittala's design values ​​are based on the progressive philosophy of its design pioneers. The names Aino and Alvar Aalto have been connected to Iittala since the beginning. Alvar Aalto wanted to "free" glass from geometric form and create an impression of organic, living forms. Aino and Alvar Aalto believed that objects should be essential, beautiful, useful and democratically accessible to everyone.

  • Designer:Oiva Toikka
  • Material:Glass
  • Dimensions:27.5x18cm