Fram Oslo

Fram Oslo Lollipop Children's Blanket Raspberry 135x95cm

Kr 1.450

Supplier: Fram Oslo
Designer: Vera & Kyte
100% wool
Dimensions: 135x95 cm
Colour: red, white
Maintenance: Clean only. If you are unlucky enough to have a thread come loose in your blanket, you can either pull out the entire thread or carefully cut it off. Woven products do not unravel.

Lollipop is a children's blanket made to last through all phases of life. The sustainable blanket is designed by Vera & Kyte in Norwegian wool and developed in collaboration with Grinakervev.

The aim of the blanket was to create practical art, a durable blanket, which you can carry with you and use from the time you are a baby, through childhood and into adulthood. The design evokes fond memories of carefree moments, childhood joy, and the freedom we know as children filled with dreams and adventures. The classic clean, Nordic expression in Lollipop means that the blanket can accompany the child as it grows up and further in life.
The Norwegian wool feels good and the idea is that it should be able to be used in many contexts. Whether in the children's room or in the living room, the blanket makes a beautiful interior detail.

Forward to Oslo

Fram Oslo was established in 2016 and is a new Norwegian furniture and interior design brand inspired by the Norwegian design heritage. In collaboration with skilled designers from Norway, the company wants to pay tribute to Norwegian nature and a functional lifestyle through clean, local materials. Fram Oslo works for a sustainable future and 15% of all profits go to UNICEF's work for the world's children.