Fram Oslo

Fram Oslo Helle Blanket 135x200cm Grey

Kr 2.650

Supplier: Fram Oslo
Design: Andreas Engesvik
Manufacturer: Grinaker vev
100% Wool
Colour: Grey
Size: 135x200cm

Helle is a blanket designed by studio Andreas Engesvik, Oslo (AE,O) for Fram Oslo. Helle is an artistic interpretation of rock carvings, where hand-drawn lines stand in beautiful contrast to the blanket's soft, Norwegian wool. While the soft woolen textiles contrast with the rock carvings' original surroundings, the blankets' beautiful gray tones evoke associations with rocks, rocks and mountains. Like the rock carvings, the motifs have a three-dimensional recess, which gives Helle an interesting and pleasant tactility. The blankets are made from naturally colored Norwegian wool, which feels robust and good against the body.

Forward to Oslo

Fram Oslo is a new Scandinavian furniture and interior design brand with a Norwegian signature. With a number of renowned designers on the team, Fram Oslo will offer modern and sustainable quality products, which users will be able to enjoy for generations. The company continues to build on the Scandinavian design heritage, and especially what is characteristic of Norway and Norwegian design. Nature will be reflected through beautiful shapes, natural materials and good function.

Grinaker tissue

Fram Oslo is proud to present a new product that has been developed in close collaboration with the designers and Norwegian Grinakervev, a weaving mill with extensive experience and a focus on quality. The Norwegian production company is based in scenic surroundings on the farm Nordre Grinaker in Hadeland.