Fitjar Folgefonn Hand & Body Cream 500 ml

Kr 500

Supplier: Fitjar
500ml - Vegan, without SLS and SLES - Glass bottle.
Area of ​​use: Hand & Body cream
Ingredients: Paraben-free and does not contain dyes.

Hand and body cream with the scent of mild menthol, packed with fresh eucalyptus, sweetened with fir bar. It feels a bit like the fresh wind that sweeps over the glacier on a quiet morning.

This light moisturizer gently moisturizes the skin without feeling oily. The result is luxurious, silky skin with a pleasant, discreet fragrance

Fitjar Islands

The name Fitjar Islands is based on the fact that all development and production takes place on Fitjar, on the west coast of Norway, surrounded by the Fitjar Islands. The Fitjar Islands - both those inhabited by islanders who enjoy the true West Norwegian lifestyle, and uninhabited islands that invite us to explore and experience the scents, light and fresh air that characterize this part of Norway. The products are inspired by this area and become well-being products that represent Norwegian simplicity and freshness. All fragrances are inspired by the nature around the Fitjar islands.