Christina Peel

Christina Peel Umbono Jar Small Terracotta

Kr 2.500

Supplier: Christina Peele
Material: Unglazed terracotta
Dimensions: Height approx. 21 cm. Diameter approx. 26.5 cm. Weight approx. 1.5 kg
Color: Terracotta

Umbono is a series of modeled shapes created by Christina Peel. All the jars are built up individually. They are handmade in a sausage technique where each finger press is part of the expression and creates a pattern that follows the shape from top to bottom. The jar comes with a hole in the bottom, which makes it well suited as a flower pot.

All the sculptures are unique, the pictures are intended as illustration.

Christina Peele

Christina Peel is a Norwegian/British artist who mainly works with porcelain wall installations. She has a master's degree from Oslo Academy of Arts (2004). Starting from geometric shapes, volume and structures, Christina Peel composes complex wall installations in clay. Light, reflections and shadow effects are important tools in her works. She works with the material's various properties. Umbono is a new project in which she combines the repetitive surface with a classic shape. Umbono is made of terracotta and stoneware clay.