Solfrid Simensen

Solfrid Simensen 10 Rows Bracelet 19cm Light Oxidized Silver

Kr 1.950

Beautiful bracelet from Solfrid Simensen with 10 silver links put together. The silver links are all slightly different, which gives an exciting expression and is suitable for both everyday life and parties.

Solfrid Simensen is a Norwegian craftsman known for his work with handmade jewelery in silver and polished natural stones. Simensen works mostly with the stones thulite, larvikite and lapis. Her jewelry with wide rows of silver rings has become a well-known classic.

  • Material:Oxidized 925 Silver
  • Dimensions:L19cm

Store your jewelery in an airtight bag. Use a cleaning cloth and products suitable for cleaning silver jewellery. Jewelry with stones should not
placed in a cleaning bath. Never store your jewelery in the bathroom.