Arabia Moomin Cup Ninni Powder

Kr 270

Supplier: Arabia
Design: Tove Jansson, Tove Slotte
Material: Porcelain
Dimensions: 8.3x8.1 cm
Colour: Pink
Washing instructions: Dishwasher
Microwave, fridge and freezer safe, oven safe up to 250 °C.

Ninny is a character from the short story "The invisible child", from the collection stories from the mummy valley by Tove Jansson, which was published in 1962. For every Ninny cup sold in 2019, NOK 10 will be donated to Save the Children.

Ninni has become invisible because she has been treated badly. The only thing that can be seen of her is a small bell hanging around her neck. With the help of the Moomin family, Ninni regains her confidence and comes into view again.


Rörstrand set up a factory in Helsinki on a plot of land called Arabia and in 1874 production started. Arabia became a pioneer in Finnish design and has created the popular Moomin cups. The products are characterized by their beauty, quality and functionality, the cups have become very popular collector's items all over the world. Arabia Moomin is based on Tove Jansson's original drawings and illustrations.