Anne-Karine Solgaard

Anne-Karine Solgaard Circle Ring Plexiglas Silver/Brown

Kr 2.250
Supplier: Anne-Karine Solgaard
Material: 925 silver, plexiglass
Dimensions: D50mm. Adjustable ring
Maintenance: For maintenance, see here

Handmade modernist ring in plexiglass made by hand with 925 silver from artisan Anne-Karine Solgaard. A small "sculpture" for the finger.

Anne Karine Solgaard

Anne-Karine Solgaard is a Norwegian craftswoman with almost 40 years of experience, Solgaard makes both jewelery and objects. Her main focus is on sculptural jewellery. Reuse and experimentation with materials are often the starting point and focus of Solgaard's work. She likes to use unconventional materials that she takes out of their original environment and presents in a new context. Anne-Karine Solgaard has been purchased by, among others, the Norwegian Art Industry Museum and the Norwegian Culture Council.