Angelica Leon

Angélica León Rock Earrings Red

Kr 360
Supplier: Angelica León
Material: Tagua nuts
Dimensions: About 1 cm
Colour: Red
Maintenance: The jewelery is made of natural material that cannot withstand water. Wipe off with a damp cloth. As the color is natural, it will change slightly over time depending on use and wear.


Earrings from Angélica León made with asymmetrically cut tagua nuts.

Angelica León

Angélica León is based in Oslo and creates her tactile and soft jewelery from nuts from her native Colombia. Her unique jewelry made of Tagua nuts is designed in Norway and produced in Columbia and Ecuador in collaboration with local artisans. The nuts are dyed with only natural colors and the harvesting of the nuts helps the growth of Tagua palms in South America. A pure natural product with durable and ethical production.