Rörstrand Advent children - Star boy

Kr 1.150

Design: Lisa Larson
Manufacturer: Rörstrand
Size: 17 cm

Since 1980, the four Advent children have been dear Advent stakes. In Lisa Larson's little lucia train, Lucia, tärnan, star boy and Santa each carry a candle. All are molded and painted by hand, and each Advent child is characterized by Lisa Larson's humor and warmth.


Rörstrand is a Swedish brand that makes high-quality porcelain and the second oldest porcelain brand in Europe. The history stretches all the way back to the 18th century when the Swenske Porcellainsvärket was founded in 1726. Under the leadership of the German porcelain maker Johann Wolff, they began making porcelain at Rörstrand's Castle in Stockholm. Rörstrand eventually developed his own, typically Swedish patterns, and when the first competitor arrived in 1758, they began to mark the porcelain with Rörstrand. In collaboration with a number of renowned designers and illustrators, they have since then created several iconic products, including Lisa Larson's Advent children.