Sonnenleder Nowak Pencil Natural

Kr 1.335

Supplier: Sonnenleder
Material: Cowhide from southern Germany, dyed with plant-based dyes. Zipper in polished metal and rubber band woven in Germany.
Dimensions: 20.5x13.5cm
Colour: Brown. The pencil case is sold without contents

A large pencil case in brown leather with brown leather on the inside. Inside the pencil case there are 10 normal and 3 wider elastic bands to secure either pens, pencils or other objects that have a length of 17 cm or less. There are also 3 elastics for attaching erasers or pencil tips, USB stick or whatever you want and there is room for extra ink cartridges, for example. There is also a small pocket that closes with a press button inside the pencil case. The pencil case closes with a zip.

Each pencil case is unique and the color of the leather may vary slightly from the picture. The color of the leather will change and darken slightly with use.

Sun conductor

Sonnenleder was started in 1986 in Germany and works with leather only from the best they can find in Germany. Sonnenleder uses traditional craft techniques, and is concerned with creating timeless products, both in terms of expression and quality. The leathers they use are dyed and tanned only with plant-based materials and to achieve this they use traditional methods that have been passed down through generations. Their products become even more beautiful in use, since both the leather and the color will be characterized by the use of the person who owns it.