Plesner Patterns

Plesner Patterns Marble Tablecloth 150x245 White/Green

Kr 2.950

Supplier: Plesner Patterns
Designer: Kiki Plesner-Löfroth
Material: 50% Linen, 50% Cotton
Dimensions: 150x245cm
Colour: White/Green

Washing instructions: Follow the stated washing temperature. Wash with similar colors.

The Marble tablecloth was designed by Norwegian Plesner Patterns. The pattern is inspired by everyday little side tracks and a desire to immortalize these. By using paint, the fleeting moments of everyday life are recreated, as they slide into each other. The cloth can be used on both sides.

The damask cloth is woven in 50% linen and 50% cotton at Grinakervev, a weaving mill with long experience and a focus on quality. The Norwegian production company is based in scenic surroundings on the farm Nordre Grinaker in Hadeland.

By using a tablecloth base, the tablecloth will lie nice and firm and will not slide on the surface of the table. It will also protect the dining table against shocks, moisture and stains. You can find the cloth underlay here

Plesner Patterns

Plesner Patterns is a Norwegian design studio with an emphasis on patterns for textiles and wallpaper, run by Kiki Plesner-Löfroth. The unique patterns are created using analogue methods, such as the use of ink, moss and modeling clay before being digitalised. This gives a distinctive expression that captures time and soul.
Plesner Patterns is inspired by the small everyday events, and has a desire to immortalize those moments which may initially be experienced as small and everyday, but which are life itself. She wants her patterns to show the traces that life leaves in us.