Coccoina Glue stick 40g

Kr 55

Supplier: Cocaine
Material: Compact glue
Dimensions: 40g

Compact glue in a tube that is easily applied with the tip of the stick. Screw the bottom of the glue stick to supply more glue. The glue can be used for paper, cardboard, cardboard, photos and fabric and dries within 5 minutes. Has a faint smell of almond essence, which characterizes all glues from Coccoina. Contains no solvents and can be easily removed with water.

Put the lid on tightly after use to prevent the glue from drying.


Coccoina is an Italian brand that has been producing its fragrant glue since 1927.

Coccoina er et Italiensk merke som har produsert sitt velduftende lim siden 1927. 

  • Materiale: Kompakt lim
  • Dimensjoner: 40g