Naaz Ceramic

Naaz Ceramic Brutalist Plate Brown/White

Kr 875

Supplier: Naaz Ceramic
Designer: Siqi Chen
Material: Recycled clay, white glaze
Dimensions: Diameter approx. 20 cm
Colour: Brown, white
Maintenance: Hand washing . Wash it carefully after use with warm water and soap, and dry with a soft cloth. This product includes an untreated aluminum handle. Wash and dry after each use to preserve the shine, and make sure that the handle does not stay damp for a long time.

This plate is a simple object with an architectural twist. The main surface of the plate is completely flat, but the edge is highlighted with a distinctive edge that slopes inward with sharp corners, adding an interesting visual element to any food served on it.

The off-white glaze flows in the inner surface, adding depth while bringing out the warm shades of red, given by the iron grains in the reclaimed clay body.

Naaz Ceramic

Naaz Ceramic is a solo project by Siqi Chen, a designer born in China, raised in Italy and currently based in Oslo.
The style of Naaz is the result of ongoing design research, a balance between the delicate Chinese aesthetic, the personality of Italian design heritage and the muted tones and materiality of Scandinavian inspiration.

Naaz Ceramic er et soloprosjekt av Siqi Chen, en designer født i Kina, oppvokst i Italia og for tiden basert i Oslo. Stilen til Naaz er et resultat av en pågående designforskning, en balanse mellom den delikate kinesisk estetikken, personligheten fra italiensk designarv og de dempede tonene og materialiteten fra skandinavisk inspirasjon.

  • Leverandør:Naaz Ceramic
  • Designer:Siqi Chen
  • Material:Gjenvunnetleire, hvit glasur
  • Dimensjoner:Diameter ca 20 cm
  • Farge: Brun, hvit

HåndvaskVask den varsomt etter bruk med varmt vann og såpe, og tørk med en myk klut.