Bookbinders Kalender 2024 A6+ Linden Flower

Kr 300

Calendar for 2024 drawn in textile from Swedish Bookbinders Design.

The calendar has the days of the week spread over two pages with plenty of space to write down appointments, tasks and the like.
At the back of the calendar are 10 lined pages.

Bookbinders Design is a Swedish brand that designs and produces, among other things, textile-covered notebooks, photo albums, binders, calendars and boxes of high artisanal quality. Their history began in 1927 with Martin Åhnberg in Osby. Already at the age of 16, he found his passion for bookbinding and dedicated his life to it. What began with notebooks developed further into binders, boxes and folders. Eventually he moved the business to Stockholm, where they saw the possibilities and value of high-quality products. Since 2002, Åhnberg's legacy has lived on through Bookbinders Design. They deliver the same quality of both paper and textile covers and offer a wide range of products in different colors and formats.

Supplier:Bookbinder Design Dimensions:A6x (4.5 x 10.5 cm) Material:Uncoated, acid-free 170 gram paperColor:Linden FlowerEnglish language.