Sprekenhus Hand Wash & Lotion Duo Kit Love Is Blind

Kr 1.300

Supplier: Dispensary
Scent: Love is blind:
Top: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Orange
Middle: violet, pink pepper, patchouli, pepper, geranium, neroli
Bottom: Vetiver, cedar, benzoin, moss, musk

Quantity: 500ml
Area of ​​use: Hand washing and hand soap

SPREKENHUS' renowned Hand Wash & Lotion Duo Kit in a Limited Edition Black Label variant, with the scent "Love Is Blind"

The soap contains mild and gentle ingredients and the Lotion has soothing and rich ingredients, which means that they are designed for frequent use without drying out the hands. 

The set is delivered complete in a leather case with an engraved SPREKENHUS logo and emblem on the zip.


Sprekenhus was established in Oslo in 2010 by Alexander Sprekenhus. Sprekenhus combines plant-based and laboratory-produced ingredients to create effective and well-balanced formulas. Their products are made with great commitment and joy in creating. As one of the most antioxidant-rich oils, they rate Argan oil very highly. The natural oil is their signature and is included in the products and provides unique and nurturing properties.

Sprekenhus ble etablert i Oslo i 2010 av Alexander Sprekenhus. Sprekenhus kombinerer plantebaserte og laboratorie-fremstilte ingredienser for å skape effektive og velbalanserte formulaer. Deres produkter er fremstilt med stort engasjement og glede over å skape. Som en av de mest antioksidant-rike oljene setter de Argan oljen svært høyt. Den naturlige oljen er deres signatur og er med i produktene og gir unike og pleiende egenskaper.

  • Mengde: 500ml + 500ml
  • Duft: Love is blind:Topp: Bergamott, Grapefrukt, AppelsinMidt: fiolett, rosa pepper, patchouli, pepper, geranium, neroliNederst: Vetiver, sedertre, benzoin, mose, moskus