Norway Designs NOW vol. 5 IDENTITY

Jun 08, 2018Julia Lossius

On Thursday 3 May at 17.00, the fifth in a series of Norway Design's NÅ exhibitions opened. With the theme and title IDENTITY, we wanted to examine what relationship artisans and designers have to the material they work with. The objects are divided into material groups which are mixed, collected and dialogue with each other in different ways through two separate exhibitions. Glass, ceramics, textiles, leather, metal and wood intersect and communicate across materials, creating both together and individually an interesting exhibition that is worth seeing. All products will be for sale.

Photo: Sofie Barfoed

The 13 selected for this year's Norway Designs NÅ Vol. 5 Identity

Glass: Kjersti Johannessen
Ceramics: Anette Krogstad, Bjarne Nielsen, Maria Jonsson, Anita Hanch-Hansen and Jomi Evers
Learn: Kaia Lisveen
Metal: Hedvig Sommerfeldt, Sofia Karyofilios and Christine Mossige
Textile: Ida Hagen and Miranda Tengs Brun
Three: James Lowley

When we planned the exhibition, we wanted to create four exhibitions where each material would be displayed separately. But based on the submitted applications and the selection that has been made, this became difficult. Therefore, we decided to show two exhibitions where the products complement each other across the materials. We also hope to have a special exhibition in connection with the Christmas section which will contain a selection of the 13 that are shown during the year.

Exhibitors for the first round:

Ceramics: Anita Hanch-Hansen
Learn: Kaia Lisveen
Metal: Hedvig Sommerfeldt, Sofia Karyofilis and Christine Mossige
Textile: Miranda Tengs Brown/Mijo Studio

The second exhibition will open on September 13 and display products from:

Ceramics: Anette Krogstad, Bjarne Nielsen, Maria Jonsson and Jomi Evers
Glass: Kjersti Johannessen
Textile: Ida Hagen
Three: James Lowley

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