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Aug 01, 2017Linn Ellevseth

In the spring of 2016, Norwegian designers and artisans speed-dated with Norwegian manufacturers. In the autumn you can see the sum of the dating in our exhibition Norway Designs NÅ Vol. 4 SUM

Norway Designs has been an important arena for Norwegian design since it was established in 1957. In 2014, Norway Designs started, in collaboration with the Club and Norske Kunsthåndverkere , the exhibition series Norway Designs NÅ. The purpose of the exhibition series was to focus on the renaissance Norwegian craft and design is currently undergoing. In the autumn of 2017, we are organizing the fourth exhibition in a row, which has been named SUM.

- As Norway Designs has its 60th anniversary this year, we want to fulfill a dream we have had for a long time; to collaborate with manufacturers to continue the continuation of the work Per Tannum did for Norwegian design with PLUS in Fredrikstad in the 50s, 60s and 70s, says general manager of Norway Designs, Runa Boman.

Hasla x Sara Skotte

Speed ​​date
In order to carry out this exhibition, a number of members from both the Club and Norwegian Artisans were invited together with Norwegian producers to a non-binding meeting in the spring of 2016. The meeting was organized as a speed-date. The aim was to introduce manufacturers and designers to each other, in the hope that they would find each other more easily and develop a collaboration. The speed date has yielded results and in Norway Designs NÅ Vol. 4 Sum we will show collections from the following manufacturers and designers:

● Fjord Fiesta / Sverre Uhnger and Thomas Jenkins

● Røros Tweed / Sara Polmar

● Heymat / Caroline Olsson

● Opro / Ditte Alstad

● Hasla / Sara Skotte

● Trefjøla / Anderssen & Voll

● Lillunn / Kaja Dahl

● Magnor / Kristine Bjaadal

Røros Tweed and Sara Polmar

Heymat and Caroline Olsson

- The speed date was very successful - it led to several concrete collaborative projects. We will show the result at the exhibition Norway Designs NÅ, vol. 4 – SUM. The exhibition lasts for two weeks and opens on 12 October 2017 here at Norway Designs in Oslo, says Boman.

- At the same time as the exhibition, we will launch an anniversary book about our founder Per Tannum. The book is written by Per Boman, and is published with support from the Norwegian Culture Council, says Boman.

The exhibition period is 12.10 – 26.10 2017

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