Fjord Fiesta + Jenkins & Uhnger

Oct 05, 2017Linn Ellevseth

When we were asked by Fjordfiesta to make our interpretation of accessories for the Krobo bench, we chose to focus on lifestyle and the need to create small still lifes in a home. We wanted to challenge the strict format of the existing series by introducing a different and softer geometric shape. When the circle exceeds the bench's format, it creates an interesting interaction with the bench, while at the same time the object can stand on its own. The aim of the series shown at Norway Designs NÅ has been to create objects that highlight the areas of use for the Krobo bench while also being usable elsewhere in the home.


The series consists of four objects; "Tray" for storing objects or as a potting bowl, "Planter" for plants/herbs or storage, "Planter tall" for plants, pot hides or storage and "Bowl" for storage.

Photo: Siren Lauvdal

The multifunctional forms can be used together with the Krobo bench or elsewhere in the home. The base is retracted under the containers so that they can hang over the edge of the Krobo bench. It gives them a light expression and at the same time allows them to be stacked. The series introduces new materials to Fjordfiesta's collection as well as focusing on what they do best, namely laminating wood.

Jenkins & Uhnger

Thomas Jenkins (UK) and Sverre Uhnger (NO) run individual design studios in Oslo. The modular table As Long As You Like (2015) was our first collaborative project under the name Jenkins&Uhnger and we have since collaborated on selected projects. During Bo Bedre Designpris 2017, we were awarded "Accessory of the Year" for our first launched product Moment by Ichendorf Milano (IT).

Fjord Fiesta

Fjordfiesta is a small but ambitious furniture manufacturer based in the northwest of the country.
Our heart beats fastest for Scandinavian timeless design and good craftsmanship.
We are proud to be a Norwegian brand that still produces furniture in Norway with a focus on the environment and quality.

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